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The flying of drones over The Parks Trust land

The taking off and landing of drones on The Parks Trust land will only be permitted by licence. It has taken this decision in order to protect the public using the parks, or roads or land adjacent to the parks, from harm or disturbance and to prevent damage to property.

In granting a licence to take off and land a drone The Parks Trust will take steps to ensure that the flying of aircraft will not create a hazard or a nuisance to people or property. The Trust will require confirmation from the operator that they:

  • are registered with the Civil Aviation Authority (for all commercial pilots)
  • have appropriate public liability insurance
  • will conform to restricted operation times
  • will comply with the current Civil Aviation Authority regulations, see note 1 below
  • accept fully the responsibility for the safe operation of any flight and can demonstrate that they have considered the safety implications and taken the steps necessary to ensure that the aircraft will not endanger anybody. This will usually comprise a full risk assessment. Operators might wish to use the SUA Operations Manual Template.
  • Allow free access to The Parks Trust for any imagery created

Licences will be issued on a non commercial basis and any imagery used for commercial purposes will incur a licence fee. This must be agreed in advance with the Parks Trust. All licences are issued at the discretion of The Parks Trust.

For more information on a drone licence please contact s.featley@theparkstrust.com