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Concrete Cows' Halloween Makeover

The mysterious and spooky re-painting of the Concrete Cows, at Bancroft, Milton Keynes is to stay until after Halloween.

Hundreds of people across Milton Keynes have sent messages to The Parks Trust to say that they approve of the 'new-look' and would like to keep the skeletal versions. The Trust has decided to keep the cows as they currently are and then to restore them after Halloween.

The Parks Trust received a report on Wednesday morning that someone had unofficially and over-night re-painted the Concrete Cows at Bancroft, Milton Keynes.

Whilst the cows are very well-loved, they do, occasionally, attract the wrong sort of attention and have over the years been re-painted, graffitied, dressed up and physically damaged.


Damaged Concrete Cows

The cows are a piece of public art – and should be enjoyed and appreciated as such. We actively encourage people into the parks to visit all our artworks – but request that they respect them so that everyone can enjoy them.


The Parks Trust, is a self-financing charity, and the costs of repair and repainting the cows, which could be up to £2,000 is money that would otherwise be spent on maintaining the parks for everyone in Milton Keynes. The public have responded so positively to the cow's revamp that offers of helping to restore them have also been made.


Commenting on the cow's makeover David Foster, Chief Executive, of The Parks Trust, said: “Public art is an integral part of the city and park landscape and as custodians of the cows we do take any type of damage very seriously. The cows are a part of Milton Keynes, they are a piece of public art and they should be valued by all. We will restore the cows to the artist’s, Liz Leyh, original vision.”


The damage has been reported to Thames Valley Police.