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Linford Lakes Nature Reserve

The Parks Trust has completed the purchase of the freehold of the Hanson Environmental Centre and the Nature Reserve from Milton Keynes Council in March 2015.

The site, which is at Great Linford on the Northern edge of Milton Keynes, was established as a wildfowl centre in 1982 following gravel extraction from the area. Linford Lake Nature Reserve is a 37 hectare wetland wildlife site which will now be managed and maintained by The Parks Trust. The site will continue to be used as a nature reserve and site for environmental education activities.

The area consists of a large lake, woodland and small meadows which are interlaced with a series of ponds and smaller lakes. The three bird hides located in the site gives visitors the opportunity to watch the wildlife and take in the spectacular scenery. The lakes attract Waterfowl, Waders and Heron, as well as the rarer Autumn/Winter visitors which include Smew and Great White Egret. The woodland is home to Voles and Wood Mice as well as the occasionally spotted Reeves Muntjac Deer. This site is undoubtedly a unique green space which provides one of the richest sites for wildlife in Milton Keynes. The Parks Trust will maintain the future of this site to continue and improve the biodiversity of the area.

Hours of operation:

The centre is available for bookings from 9am-10pm every day