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How to nominate a Pillar

The Milton Keynes Rose records dates of events which are significant in the lives of people or organisations associated with Milton Keynes both past and present. Nominations for new pillar inscriptions must, therefore, specify a significant date with reasons.

For a date to be chosen for inscription on a pillar, it must satisfy some or all of the following qualifying criteria:

  • Is the event / occasion / person to which the date refers of significance to Milton Keynes?
  • Does the date mark an important moment in the history / development of Milton Keynes?
  • Is the event / occasion / person of significance to a certain demographic in Milton Keynes?
  • Is the event / occasion / person one that people are likely to want to celebrate, commemorate or contemplate?
  • Will future generations understand and appreciate why that date was chosen and will it still mean something to them?
  • Will the pillar marking the date be likely to draw people to visit and / or raise awareness of the MK Rose?
  • Does the marking of date provide an opportunity to animate the pillar, if chosen?

Nominations will not be accepted if they seek to promote a particular brand or give a commercial advantage to a company or individual.

While nominations relating to specific dates are preferable, nominations which relate to a recognisable day, e.g., the third Sunday in November, may be acceptable.

Pillar Nomination Submission