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Mayhem Fitness MK has a varied timetable of fun and sociable outdoor sessions. From bootcamps and running classes, to cross-fit style circuits classes combining strength training with general fitness, you can enjoy all the benefits of indoor training in the outdoors at Furzton Lake, Campbell Park and Willen Lake North.

Whatever your age, or level of fitness, Mayhem Fitness MK has the right workout for you and your goals. Sessions are delivered by instructors who are passionate about what they do and who are ready to inspire, motivate, support, encourage and challenge you at every step of your fitness journey.

Book a session at, or follow Mayhem Fitness on facebook, and discover just how much fun you can have getting as fit as possible.

Don’t just get fit, get Mayhem fit!

  • Did you know we have 4 Trim Trails in our parks?

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  • Did you know we have licensed fitness instructors who operate in our parks?

  • Did you know we have upgraded the Fitness Trail around Willen Lake South?

    The new calisthenics equipment is designed to utilise the users own weight to maximise their workout, using angles and height to vary the intensity of the workout.

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