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Nordic Walking was originally used by cross country skiers as a way of staying fit over the summer. It has since become a popular activity for all with benefits including an improvement in mobility and fitness.

MK Nordic Walking host a 60-minute Nordic walk around Milton Keynes on multiple days throughout the week, each walk is a different route. You must have completed a Nordic walking course prior to these walks.

"You don’t have to be a member and you will always be welcome. Nordic Walking is great fun and our instructors will not only ensure that you reach your health goals but that you have a great time doing it! You will learn all you need to know in a relaxed friendly atmosphere with the Learn To Nordic Walk course."

Four-week Complete Beginner courses are offered on a regular basis as part of Reactivate Milton Keynes. If you are interested in joining a course, please visit the Milton Keynes Nordic Walking website.

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    The cost of removing litter from across Milton Keynes' green space is enormous, it already costs us over £400,000 a year.

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