Walk 6: Hazeley Wood

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Difficulty: 3
Length: 3.6 miles
Time: Allow 2 hours
Car parking: Available off Dansteed Way, MK8 0PY

Hazeley Wood is situated on the western flank of Milton Keynes, west of Grange Farm. From its origins as a plantation in 1991, it has developed into an established young woodland. There is a small pond at the north-east corner and it has a well established series of natural (unsurfaced) pathways.

This route will take you first down to Shenley Wood then curving through to Oakhill Wood before entering Hazeley Wood from the west side. There are a good variety of tree speicies at Hazeley, be on the lookout for Oak, Silver Birch, Hornbeam, Ash, Hazel, Field Maple, Hawthorn and Blackthorn.

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  • Hazeley Wood


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    Hazeley Wood was planted by Milton Keynes Development Corporation in 1991. The long-term aim was to create a mature oak woodland for the new city. After many years of being a field of trees Hazeley is finally beginning to look and feel like a woodland. But there is still a long way to go: the wood will not finally reach maturity until 2141.

    There are no facilities in the wood. The nearest shops are at Grange Farm, about ten minutes’ walk away, or Shenley Church End local centre or the Westcroft Centre, both of which are a few minutes' drive away.