A day in the life: Lakeside Assistant

22 January 2019

Wayne Bridge, Lakeside Assistant

Our series of insights into careers at Willen Lake continues with a chat with Wayne, one of our Lakeside Assistants, who play a vital role in ensuring the site is ready for our visitors to enjoy!

What is your job role, and what does this involve?

I’m a Lakeside Assistant, and this entails making sure the site is kept to a high standard. The safety and enjoyment of the general public visiting the lake is paramount here so that is my main focus. I make sure everything runs smoothly and is clean, tidy and respectable. I also keep an eye out for any maintenance issues.

How long have you worked at Willen Lake?

This will be my second season – I’ve been here nearly two years. My hours are flexible so I’m full time when it’s needed and do reduced hours during the quieter periods.

What did you do before you came to Willen Lake?

I lived abroad – I lived in Belgium for quite a long time. My language skills have proven quite handy during my time at Willen. I speak Dutch, and can also understand a lot of German, Afrikaans and French if needed.

What attracted you to the job at Willen Lake?

I’m a local – I live nearby so this is pretty much my garden. And the last thing I want is my garden looking anything but its best – that’s the way I see it.

What do you like about your job?

It’s not monotonous and every day is a challenge. It’s like a puzzle – working out what is happening, what needs to be done and then planning what I’m going to do. Even in the winter there’s still plenty to do! I work very closely with the public and a lot of the locals know me.

Would you recommend Willen Lake as a place of work?

Absolutely, if you want a job that isn’t regimented and full of different challenges. The people that work here are great – from the top to the bottom is really friendly and we all get on well.