Did you know that our parks are used by local businesses?

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03 December 2019

All organised events and activities taking place in our parks require permission to take place and licensed activity taking place in Milton Keynes parks ranges from fitness operators to outdoor courses and includes professional dog walkers.

Professional dog walkers use our parks to walk their client’s dogs and those businesses permitted to use our parks benefit from walking in 6,000 acres of loved green and open space. All dog walking businesses we work with have been through our licensing process which includes submitting required safety paperwork and insurances, meeting a member of the team on site and signing up to our dog walking code of conduct.

Our code of conduct sets out our guidelines for walking dogs through our parks to ensure that the parks are places for everyone to enjoy, that use of the parks by dog walkers is considerate with other parks users and protects the parks and their residing wildlife. The code also sets out our expectations for dog walkers in Milton Keynes parks with regards to areas where walking on lead is a requirement particularly in grazing areas, the Floodplain Forest Nature Reserve and in the ancient woodlands of Linford, Shenley and Howe Park Wood during bird nesting season (annually 1st March to 30th September inclusive). Our dog walking code of conduct can be seen on our website here.

Our parkland is private land which is publicly permissible therefore organised and commercial activities require our permission. As the landowner and being a self-funded charity, we will put a small fee on all commercial activities which covers any administration costs and helps towards maintaining our parkland. Managing our 6,000 acres requires investment to keep well maintained, for instance of litter cleansing in 2019 was over £350,000 and £150,000 on maintaining our paths and leisure routes each year.

Find out more here about the professional dog walking companies we work with and how to apply for a licence.

Information about other licensed activities in our parks can be found here.