International Day of Yoga in Campbell Park

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03 July 2019

This is a guest blog post from Kelly Hopkinson who is an experienced yoga teacher amongst other things, find out more about her on her website.

The sun shone down on truly amazing and simply fabulous big and small people who attended last month’s International Yoga day events on the 21st June. For some it was their very first time and for all it was a chance to experience yoga outdoors in a beautiful setting, Campbell Park.

We had so many laughs in both sessions with time to share and feel part of a community. The kids didn’t fail to make us laugh hard with their ideas and storytelling and it was a joy to see families having so much fun together - everyone decided kids yoga is extremely energetic!!
After the family yoga event, everyone moved into some much needed time to be still and quiet, moving through some yoga poses, balancing sequences and rest. Oh, the pure joy of resting in the great outdoors!

Our Yoga in the Park events are continuing their summer tour of Milton Keynes at the stunning (and a secret Parks Trust gem) Tree Cathedral on Sunday 14th July. Two sessions will be on offer with a 10.30am session for families followed by a 12pm session for the grownups. The cost for each session is £10 per family or adult and this includes a £2 donation to Mind BLMK. It promises to be a beautiful experience and we look forward to seeing you all there!

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All of the pictures shared were kindly taken by Benny Takes Photo.

Namaste and until next time,

Kelly & Christine