Let's celebrate #worldanimalday

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04 October 2019

Let’s celebrate #worldanimalday

Today is world animal day and here at The Parks Trust we have plenty to celebrate. We’re the charity that cares for over 6,000 acres of green space across Milton Keynes, and a huge part of that responsibility is to create and maintain habitats that can support a whole host of wildlife.

We’re privileged to be the custodian of such an abundance of animal, insect and plant life. The land in our care ranges from ancient woodlands and plantations, valley pastures and hay meadows to rivers and streams, ponds, lakes and geological sites. The network of ‘green corridors’ along the roads, paths and valleys help to connect the parks and green spaces together, creating a rich mosaic of linked habitats that allows wildlife to spread and flourish.

The parks and green spaces across the city contain important habitats for a wealth of wildlife from the very common to rare and protected species. We even have sites of special scientific interest! Throughout the year you’ll be able to see Butterflies, great crested newts, noctule bats and badgers who are thriving in our parks. Kingfishers, daubenton’s bats and the occasional otter can also be seen in and around our waterways, while barn owls glide gracefully across the grasslands and hobbies can sometimes be spotted darting across the landscape hunting for prey.

Our aim is to maintain and enhance these green spaces and ensure they are enlivened by wildlife. In some areas we create new habitats, in others we focus on conserving and enhancing what is already there. We seek to achieve a healthy parkland environment that supports this diversity of wildlife that can be enjoyed and valued by present and future generations.

We’re continuously developing the biodiversity of our parks by sowing wildflowers, digging ponds, putting up nesting boxes for birds and bats, making otter holts and following ecological principles when managing our land to name just a few. We work closely with wildlife conservation experts to ensure that each habitat is managed proactively. Through careful and sustainable guardianship, we will maintain and enhance wildlife in the long term while also ensuring the parks can be enjoyed by the residents of Milton Keynes.

We would love to see your pictures of wildlife spotted at our parks, you can tag us in your pictures across our social channels.

Image courtesy of Jo Angell.