Hiroshima Day

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Hiroshima Day

Suitable for all ages

Annual floating lantern ceremony at the Peace Pagoda.

In 1945, the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed with nuclear weapons. Hiroshima Day celebrates the spirit of survivors and those who have dedicated themselves to ensuring that such events are never repeated and that nuclear weapons are never used again.

Parking is available at the Peace Pagoda car park, V10 Brickhill Street. Parking charges do apply.

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      Willen Lake North is home to one of Milton Keynes’ best-known landmarks, the first Peace Pagoda to be built in the western world - and to a rich and varied bird population.

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    • The most popular places to host an event in 2018 included Willen Lake South, Campbell Park, Linford Wood, Willen Lake North and Howe Park Wood.

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