Fossil Hunting 21/08/2021

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Fossil Hunting

10am - 2pm
Suitable for all ages.

Did you know there are fossils at Great Linford Manor Park? Come along and hunt for them under the expert guidance of Dr Jill Eyers, our resident geologist or rock expert.

Dr Eyers has identified that rocks at the Manor Park are over 170 million years old, that's older than some dinosaurs!

At this outdoor event, learn how rocks form, what a fossil is and how to identify them in the local park.

Suitable for all ages. 'Rock' up from 10am - 2pm.

  • Great Linford Manor Park


    Linford Manor Park park.jpg

    Great Linford Manor Park is a special, heritage-rich park set within the old village of Great Linford. It contains features that were first laid out centuries ago, including ponds and a Wilderness Garden which represent the English Landscape style of garden design that became popular for country estates during the 18th Century.

  • Quarry

    Discover our plans for the Quarry at Great Linford Manor Park

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