National Volunteering Week: Himalayan Balsam Bashing
06/06/2018 (other dates available)

Volunteers Linford Lakes, staff, carla, planting

National Volunteering Week: Himalayan Balsam Bashing

10am to 12.30pm or 1pm to 3pm
All welcome

This event is in the past. This page is for information purposes only.

Come and join us as we remove invasive weed by hand. Bring your own wellies and waterproof gloves as these are essential.

Park in the Lodge Lake car park off Bradwell Road or along Bradwell road and there's a short 10 minute walk to activity site and our Volunteers will be on site to guide you.

Meet on site at the purple Parks Trust flag by Loughton Brook to sign in.

  • North Loughton Valley Park


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    This area of linear parkland runs from Blue Bridge at the Grand Union Canal down as far as Lodge Lake at Loughton Lodge. Its features include historical items and some world famous Milton Keynes icons!

    The nearest shops and pubs are in Bradwell.

  • Did you know we have a Petanque pit?

    Did you know we have a Petanque pit?

  • Did you know we have a Trials Bike Track?

    Mount Farm Trials Park...
  • Did you know we have a club at our BMX track who host training and events throughout the year?

    BMX Track...
  • Did you know we have nearly 30 pieces of Public Art across our parks?

    Public Art in our Parks...
  • Did you know we have 4 Trim Trails across our parks?

    Trim Trails...
  • Did you know we have licensed fitness instructors who operate in our parks?

  • Did you know you can go fishing in some of our lakes if you join the Angling Association?

    Click here for more information!...
  • Did you know we have upgraded the Fitness Trail around Willen Lake South?

    The new calisthenics equipment is designed to utilise the users own weight to maximise their workout, using angles and height to vary the intensity of the workout.

    Click here to find out more......