Talk: Our Hedgehog Habitats 27/10/2021

Talk: Our Hedgehog Habitats

19:15 - 20:45
Prices from £3.00
Adults & Supervised Children over 12 years
Booking required

The hedgehog is one of the fastest disappearing animals in the UK, with a third of the population being lost since 2000. They are declining rapidly in the countryside, so the urban parks and gardens of Milton Keynes are of increasing importance to these animals. In this session you will find out how to help hedgehogs in your local area, learn how to encourage hedgehogs into your garden and find out the latest on how they are doing in Milton Keynes. You will even discover how to take part in citizen science projects to protect hedgehogs across the UK.

  • Campbell Park


    Campbell Park - Park Image.jpg

    Located at the heart of Milton Keynes, Campbell Park hosts many of Milton Keynes’ major festivals and events. Its imaginative mix of formal gardens, water features, woodland and open pasture mean it’s an ideal spot to enjoy the changing seasons.