Talk: Water water everywhere - The balancing Lakes of MK 19/08/2021

Talk: Water water everywhere - The balancing Lakes of MK

19:15 - 20:45
Prices from £3.00
Adults,Accompanied children over 12
Booking required

Have you ever wondered why Milton Keynes experiences very little residential flooding compared to other parts of the UK despite the prevalence of waterways across the city?

In this talk you will find out about the intricate system of balancing lakes and urban drainage systems that help protect MK.

There will also be an opportunity to discover some of the problems that these bodies of water can bring and how The Parks Trust surveys for these.

If conditions on the day permit, there will be a demonstration of a Blue Green Algae survey and an opportunity to find out what impact this can have on the waterbodies. 

  • Howe Park Wood


    Howe Park Wood - park.jpg

    Howe Park is probably the woodland mentioned in the Domesday Survey of 1086. Parts of it may be rare surviving fragments of the 'wildwood' that covered the whole of lowland Britain after the last Ice Age, 6-11,000 years ago.