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Walk & Talk: Fungi - A Beginner's Guide to Mushroom ID

Linford Wood

Sunday 02 October
Various Times
Adults only

What is a fungi? How do they grow? Which mushrooms are poisonous? If you've ever found yourself pondering one of these questions, then this is the walk & talk on Sunday 2nd October is for you! Our resident expert will take you for a guided tour of Linford Wood, a Milton Keynes fungus hotspot, introducing you to some basic identification features, and providing an into to lifecycles and other biological functions. During the session you will discover the incredible microworld of this fascinating taxa.

Due to the nature of this topic and the level of information we will cover, this session is suitable for beginners and people with an intermediate knowledge. We may spot some edible fungi along the way, but please note that, due to their nature, we will not be encouraging anybody to pick or sample any fungi.

This session is designed to teach you about the features of fungi and not to provide information for foraging.