How It works - Forums

This is a child forum, it works like a category, you can go as deep as you want. only when Post at this level is set can posts be created under a forum.

  • How it works.

    This is a post in a simply forum, Usually posts are created by members of the site, but this one was entered via the umbraco back end.

    You will need to have some form of membership authentication working for people to be able to post to your forums, and you can then restrict forums by permissions in umbraco, and by the who can post setting on each forum.

    • Posts are ordered by date, and you can make posts sticky in the back end by setting the Stickyness value, the higher the stickier
    • Posts are stored in umbraco as content nodes, so you can go in and see what's happening.
    • Posts are created by the SurfaceController, which will check permissions and fires of events before and after a post is created, so if you want to get clever you can add extra checks to the posts (for things like spam checking)
    • To speed things up a bit, their is a Cache Helper which works out the latest post and post count, and is refreshed for a forum and it's parent forums when a post is published.

    Simplily Forums is written to be super simple and extendible, so all the code is there in app_code and you can tweak until your happy and the views sit in PartialViews\SimpilyForums (you can even see this folder inside umbraco 7.2.x).