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Please note, our events calendar is full for the 2021 summer period with the exception of some small events such as community litter picks.

Community Events at Milton Keynes Rose


The Milton Keynes Rose, located in Campbell Park, is a public space for Milton Keynes where everyone can commemorate, celebrate or remember a special person or event throughout the year. It was commissioned by The Cenotaph Trust and The Parks Trust and with support from Milton Keynes Council. The MK Rose was completed in 2014 and has been used as a place for celebration, commemoration and contemplation for many occasions including annual ceremonies and events for International Women’s Day, Disability Awareness Day and Armistice Day.

Created by internationally renowned artist Gordon Young, the MK Rose features a calendar of days important to the people of Milton Keynes. These are represented by 106 pillars arranged in the geometric design of a flower. So far, 66 pillars have been inscribed (a list of pillars so far can be seen here) and 40 others have been left for future dedications.

For information about the MK Rose please see the dedicated website

Getting Involved with Milton Keynes Rose

If you would like to get involved with MK Rose by holding an event there please see how to apply below.  Both Campbell Park and the MK Rose are used regularly for many different events and gatherings, we will be able to advise about all the activities taking place so that we can be certain that other planned events do not clash.  We would be happy to help ensure that all activities are safe and we can also help to promote your event.

How to apply

To apply to host an event or organised activity in one of our parks:

  1. Read the small outdoor event organiser’s pack
  2. Contact the Events Team at The Parks Trust on 01908 233600 or to discuss proposed event, date and location.
  3. The team will then assess your event proposal and send you the MK Rose application form to complete.

See our Events Calendar for upcoming events at the MK Rose

  • The Parks Trust hosted over 230 events and activities in their parks in 2020

  • Fitness Groups & Clubs make up 72% of events & activities held in our parks

Discover our parks

  • Milton Keynes Rose


    MK Rose - park.jpg

    The Milton Keynes Rose located in our central city park Campbell Park, is a public space designed for commemoration, celebration and contemplation. Developed in partnership by The Parks Trust and the Cenotaph Trust, with support from Milton Keynes Council, the Milton Keynes Rose was created as a central civic space to host events significance and occasions of remembrance.

  • Campbell Park


    Campbell Park - Park Image.jpg

    Located at the heart of Milton Keynes, Campbell Park hosts many of Milton Keynes’ major festivals and events. Its imaginative mix of formal gardens, water features, woodland and open pasture mean it’s an ideal spot to enjoy the changing seasons.