Litter Poster Competition

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The 2022 Litter Poster Competition will be officially launched on February 7th and the closing date for entries will be 4th March. We will post the online entry form here in February, but you can see what the competition will involve below. If you are interested in entering your school and want a reminder email, just contact us:

It’s almost time for the annual litter poster competition to find a poster that can go up in our parks and local council noticeboards to encourage people to stop littering.

Littering pollutes our local environment, harming wildlife and damaging our planet. The Parks Trust and Milton Keynes Council Environment and Waste team are joining forces to launch this competition for all MK schools and youth community groups to enter. Winners will receive a certificate, a free Outdoor Learning Session with The Parks Trust or a set of 10 litter pickers for your class/community group. The winning posters will be displayed on noticeboards in the parks and local Parish Councils throughout Milton Keynes. Can you be the one to make the difference in 2022?

This year we will select two winners so that we can have entries from different age groups:

  • KS1
  • KS2

Entries must be in by 4th March 2022. The top ten posters will go to a public vote and the winners will then be announced on 25th March to coincide with the Keep Britain Tidy Spring Clean. #GBSchoolClean

Advice/Success Criteria


Please include one of these key messages:

  • Take your litter home to recycle
  • If the bin is full, take your litter home
  • Leave nothing but footprints

Entries should be:

  • A4
  • Eye catching and easy to understand
  • Include images and only a limited amount of text. We have created a template that you can use if it helps. You will not be penalised for using this.

Think about:

  • Content of images: Think about the benefits of taking Litter home and the problems litter causes
  • Colours – bright colours will attract more than black and white
  • Drawings – make sure they are clear. After sketching in pencil, outlining in a dark colour can help make them stand out. It is important that the images are your own and not traced from a book etc. You can use digital illustrations or photos but they must be your own.
  • If you are using text, think about your language – is it simple and short? Make sure it is easy to understand.
  • Think about the font and background colour. Some people have visual impairments or conditions like dyslexia that can make certain colours and fonts difficult to see.
  • Links to resources: Webpages (Litter assembly, MK Recycling site etc).
  • Don’t worry about text or logos – we will add these in

Top Tips:

Does it stand out when it is meters away? To test, stick it to a wall and go to the back of the room. Can you read the main message? Is the image clear?

How to enter:

You can either send in your entry by post from February 7th or upload your entry online and complete the online entry form. The online entry form and Terms and Conditions will be posted here in February. Closing Date of Competition: 4th March Please note, we must have all entries in by the end of the day on the 4th to be considered.

You must enter with your teacher’s or youth group’s permission. They can upload direct, or you can upload with the help of your parent/guardian, but please make sure you have your school/youth group’s contact details to complete the form. If you are sending them in, please write your name, age, key stage, the name of your school and your teacher's name on the back of the poster.

Litter Poster Template/Example

  • Litter in the Parks

    The cost of removing litter from across Milton Keynes' green space is enormous, it already costs us over £350,000 a year.

    Find out more...