MK Hogwatch

Hedghog Hogwatch 1900

What is MK Hogwatch?

The Parks Trust’s biodiversity team need your help with our own local citizen science project concerning the UK’s favourite spiny mammal, the hedgehog. The MKHogwatch (MKHW) project involves recording hedgehog numbers using footprint survey tunnels in your local Parks Trust park or green space. This project is perfect for families, schools or community groups.

Hedgehogs have lost much of their natural habitat and food sources, and you are now more likely to see a hedgehog in an urban setting rather than in the countryside. Fewer than a million in Britain today. To put that in to some context the numbers of hedgehogs were around 30 million in the 1950’s. By finding out more about where hedgehogs are and aren't doing well in MK, we can help work to raise awareness and promote habitat creation and protection so local populations flourish.

Why get involved?

  • This is a great citizen science project for all age groups and provides outdoor practical field experience to support classroom learning. The project can be linked to several curriculum subjects including food chains, animal classifications and general scientific methodology and data recording. It’s also a fun project for everyone!
  • Even though MKHW is a local biodiversity initiative, your records will be shared with Bucks Environmental Records Centre and this scientific research will make a difference. County organisations contribute to important biodiversity data for National reports such as the recent 2022 State of Hedgehogs report.
  • We also offer a free hedgehog assembly to schools to find out more about hedgehogs and the project
  • The project is only 5 consecutive days so does not require a huge amount of time.  

How do we get involved?

Due to popular demand, we have now closed the sign-up period for this survey.

We have been pleasantly surprised by the large number of people signing up to take part in this survey. As our resources are limited, we have had to close the sign-ups for this season. We are deeply sorry if you missed out this time, we do surveys each spring and autumn so there will be more chances to get involved in the future.

Find out more about the project below

  • "Great session, amazing people running it. Thank you so much"

    Hazeley Academy Teacher

  • "The children absolutely loved the trip, it would be hard to pick just one highlight."

    Emerson Valley School Teacher

  • Free Online Primary School Assembly on Littering
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