Wonderful Wings

Wonderful Wings
Wings are wonderful - explore the resources below to find out why!

Students will discover the different animals that have wings and learn about their structure and uses. Your class will also learn about how wings have influenced our journey into flight (aeronautics). With the knowledge they have learned, students then can create their own wings.

At the end of the activities, the aim is that students will:

  • Understand the uses of wings and which animals have them
  • Explore how nature has influenced how humans have learned to fly!
  • Learn more about the function of wings through creative play
  • Discover winged animals in your schools

Below there are several fun activities that students can participate in, such as colouring in a page of a winged animal or building a nest habitat for birds.

  • A passion for Wildlife

    The Parks Trust have a dedicated biodiversity team which monitor and protect habitats of rare and critically endangered species across Milton Keynes.

    Find out more...

Discover our parks

  • Willen Lake North


    Willen Lake North  - Park Image.jpg

    Willen Lake North is home to one of Milton Keynes’ best-known landmarks, the first Peace Pagoda to be built in the western world - and to a rich and varied bird population.

  • Stony Stratford Nature Reserve


    D81_3375Pool on edge of SS Nature Reserve park.jpg

    In 2008 with support from the Riverside Parks Group, work began to re-establish Stony Stratford Nature Reserve as a major local wildlife park. Parties of volunteers have cleared islands of scrub allowing Wildfowl to nest. There are also renovated and painted bird hides and the ponds have been cleared of invasive vegetation as well as the restoration of a sand martin nest bank, which has enabled Kingfishers to nest successfully.

  • Great Linford Manor Park


    Linford Manor Park park.jpg

    Great Linford Manor Park is a special, heritage-rich park set within the old village of Great Linford. It contains features that were first laid out centuries ago, including ponds and a Wilderness Garden which represent the English Landscape style of garden design that became popular for country estates during the 18th Century.

  • Floodplain Forest Nature Reserve


    Floodplain - Park Image.jpg

    Set within Ouse Valley Park, the Floodplain Forest is the newest nature reserve in Milton Keynes and the most impressive wildlife habitat creation scheme in the city’s history.