Enter our Natures Connections Competition

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Enter our new FREE JPR Art competition ‘Natures Connections’

Fun, creative and interactive opportunity to connect with Nature and create a unique piece of 2D Art just using natural materials easily found in your MK parks and green spaces. The Art competition deadline has been extended to 31st May 2020.

You can create your 2D piece of art by using any natural materials:

  • Stones/ pebbles
  • Twigs/ bark/ wood chips
  • Leaves/ flower petals (already detached)

It would be great to see different textures/ colours/ shapes & sizes in your picture. Use all the rich natural resources of our MK parklands, combining the originality of Nature and the creativity of Art.

Your 2D nature picture can look like your:

  • Favourite UK animal or bird or insect or amphibian or lizard
  • Favourite ‘wild place’ in Milton Keynes
  • A nature scene – woodland or lake & streams or grasslands – or a combination of all three!
  • Favourite plant - flower or tree – in any season

Our landscape officers (who help care for and protect all our great greenspaces in MK) want you to have fun creating your original natural art picture but have asked us to kindly remind you to please do not pick any flowers or break off any branches/twigs from growing trees – please just use any loose natural materials already available and easily found on the ground.

How to enter:

  • Decide which MK parkland or school grounds you want to visit and an idea of what natural art picture you are going to create
  • Size is up to you, but we think bigger is better! Only one picture is permitted per entry.
  • You could create a ‘frame/border’ around your art picture using sticks or use the base of a tree / fence etc
  • Safety first:
    • Please wear gloves to protect yourself from thorns and any sharp edges as you gather your natural materials
    • Be aware of your surroundings and tread carefully – particularly looking out for dog /horse poo!!
    • Finally, please ensure all children are supervised by a parent, carer or a responsible adult when visiting the parks
  • Once you have created your unique Natural art picture, please take a colour photo and ask an adult to send your entry to jpr@theparkstrust.com
    • Please give your unique piece of Art a name or title
    • Also, tell us whether it’s an individual, school or family group entry

We will share all entries / Winners on the JPR web pages.

Once the competition closes (May 31st), the Community Team judges, at The Parks Trust, will look at all the entries and choose their 3 overall Winners, one from each category - Individual, Family and School group.

Each entry will receive a personalised certificate and the winners will also receive a £25 voucher for Outdoor exploring/ conservation equipment of their choice.

We are sure you will have lots of great creative ideas and designs but just in case you would like some inspiration, search images for the following Natural Art artists:

  • Andy Goldsworthy (UK)
  • Nils – Udo (German)
  • Richard Shilling (UK)
  • Agnes Denes (Hungarian)

Good luck and have fun with your Natural Art designs – remember there are no limitations on your creativity.

We look forward to seeing your entries!

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