July's Community Ranger weekend schedule

The staff on duty each weekend during July are;

6,7 - Susi and Jo

13, 14 - Luke and Gary

20,21 - Susi

27,28 - Jools, Luke and Gary

Please Keep Dogs on Leads

As we are now coming into spring, we have placed the “Please Keep Dogs on Lead” signs at our three ancient woodlands of Howe Park Wood, Shenley Wood and Linford Wood. These signs are put in place at all entrances to the woods to remind dog walkers that we would like them to keep dogs on leads for the period of 1st March to the 30th September inclusive. This is not only to avoid disturbing birds that nest low-down in trees and shrubs, but also helps to reduce disturbance to plants and animals that live in the woodland habitat. This is the third year we have employed this policy, so regular visitors should already be aware of this request.

For our volunteers who patrol these woods, please feel free to engage with dog owners/walkers and, if necessary, gently remind them of this request. You can advise them that we have numerous other parks and green spaces in Milton Keynes that are less sensitive for wildlife and where dogs may be exercised off the lead.

However, please only approach visitors for this reason if you are happy and feel confident in doing so, using your judgement in each situation. Unfortunately some of our visitors can be uncooperative in this respect and ultimately ‘dogs on leads’ is a request rather than anything we can enforce. We do not expect you to approach anyone you would prefer not to when patrolling our parks.