Volunteer Awards 2019

Volunteer Celebration Evening - 15 January 2020

Thank you for attending our annual volunteer evening and we had our biggest turn-out, of 91 guests plus our staff, in celebrating your achievements and contribution to The Parks Trust in 2019 and we are now on the search for a larger venue for next year.

The winners for 2019 are as follows:

  Events and Community Engagement Volunteer - 

  Brenda Houghton

For her outstanding commitment to the 2019 events programme and continual personal development, in particular for taking on the walk leader trainer training.  Our first official volunteer trainer perhaps?  For support to the Parks Trust in delivering and facilitating community events in the parks and/or in supporting the Trust’s community engagement work during 2019.  Thank You Brenda!

We give special thanks to the MK Walking Festival Volunteers in 2019

Mary Catton

Philip Catton

Ian Graham

John Franklin

Derek Gibbons

Lesley Townsend

Mike Evans

Alexander Kidd

Brenda Houghton

Yve Morris

And everyone who has helped with the MK Walking Festival for the last 10 years.

Outdoor Learning Volunteer – June Gaynor


For her outstanding commitment and saviour to the Outdoor Learning Team this year by supporting staff at last minute in delivering and facilitating its Outdoor Learning programme during 2019 and her amazing positivity.  Thank you, June!

Volunteer Ranger – Helen Jennison

For her outstanding achievement and commitment as a park ranger in supporting the Parks Trust to keep our parks and green spaces clean, safe and enjoyable for people to visit during 2019.  As a local Volunteer Park Ranger taking on litter picking at Campbell Park, Helen has had dealings with the most unpleasant of waste items from dead hedgehogs to a high volume of sharps.  She even ropes in other volunteers once a month and the grandchildren on occasion, making her own trolley and walks from home!  Thank You Helen!

A Special Thanks to all the Floodplain Forest Wardens for your continued weekly commitment to our newest Nature Reserve.  Thank You All!!


Conservation & Biodiversity Volunteer – Bob Booth

For his outstanding contribution to Conservation and Biodiversity practical activities with The Parks Trust over the last 10 years and branching out into Veteran Trees.  Bob also cycles to as many practical tasks he can doing his bit for the environment and reducing his carbon footprint.  He even has a certificate in hedge laying!  Thank you, Bob!

 Special mention to the Walnut Tree Trio

 A very big Thank you goes to David Ollier, Steve Waldock and Nick Emery

who have attended the most practical conservation sessions in 2019. They always car share when the task is too far to cycle together, although The Pond Boys struggle to keep up with Nick. They are all happy to get on with any task we ask them to do without complaining (too much) with good humour and keeping up the team spirit!

For support to the Parks Trust’s conservation work, helping to deliver practical tasks and activities that have helped conserve the biodiversity and heritage of the parks.

Ecological Surveyor Volunteer – Sue Weatherhead

For her outstanding commitment and achievement in taking on many surveys and quick to pick up the newest ID skills.  Sue has spent her time surveying Butterflies and Mammals at Linford Lakes Nature Reserve and Bee Walks at Stonepit Field.  Thank you, Sue!


Newcomer of the Year - Julie Brady

We congratulate Julie as a member of the Friends of Great Linford Manor Park for her outstanding commitment to the Events programme and will take her experience to the group and is a valuable asset to the GLMP Project.  Thank you, Julie!


Volunteers Of The Year 2019 - Jules Williams and Gerard Williams

For their outstanding visitor engagement even when not on patrol and in particular for being on the beck and call of the Konik ponies and their ongoing medical ailments, vet visits and farrier treatments.  Jules is now the Konik pony whisperer and can change a poultice at the drop of a hat.  We are so lucky to have such committed volunteers on the doorstep keeping an eye on the Floodplain Forest Nature Reserve and ponies.

Often, Jules and Gerard will do things at very short notice to go on-site if there is a problem with the ponies or general site issues.  They are both on hand to help with any emergency or last-minute site task and rescue the ponies when they escape the top field!  They are always the first to know when the Floodplain is flooded and have been on-site twice daily since the flooding since October 2019 to supplement their feed. Thank you very much!