Green Infrastructure Coordinator

    • Expiry date:15 February 2019
    • Location:Based at Parks Trust Head Office, Campbell Park, Central Milton Keynes
    • Salary: £33,000 - £35,000 per annum (depending on experience)


    We are seeking an experienced person to lead in the coordination of green infrastructure planning and delivery in Milton Keynes.

    As one of the fastest-growing cities in the UK, new green infrastructure, including parks, play areas, landscaped buffer zones and ecological mitigation areas, is required to maintain the environmental character of Milton Keynes and to meet the open space and access-to-nature needs of its citizens. Working together, Milton Keynes Council and The Parks Trust share the objective of ensuring that new green infrastructure is properly planned and delivered as the city grows and, when completed, transferred by default into the care of the Parks Trust. Using your understanding of the development process and your project management skills, you will work as part of an experienced team within the Parks Trust, the award-winning charity that owns and maintains over 2,500 hectares of parkland and open space in Milton Keynes. You will also work closely with planning and technical officers at Milton Keynes Council.

    You will liaise with developers and consult with Council and Trust officers and other stakeholders to coordinate and monitor the planning, design and delivery of green infrastructure projects. The post is jointly funded by Milton Keynes Council and the Parks Trust.

    Week commencing 25th February 2019

    Head of Environment

    £33,000 -£35,000 (depending one experience)

    Campbell Park Pavilion, 1300 Silbury Boulevard, Central Milton Keynes, MK9 4AD


    1.To work in conjunction with planning officers, including the Senior Landscape Architect (Development Management) and infrastructure officers at Milton Keynes Council and with the Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes Natural Environment Partnership and neighbouring planning authorities as necessary to coordinate the planning and delivery of new green infrastructure and securing provision for its long term management.

    2. To proactively engage with and provide support to developers to promote the timely and cost effective provision of well-designed parks, green spaces and other forms of green infrastructure. Ensure that developers are aware of management considerations and that they are taken into account at the design stage.

    3. To co-ordinate the input into the design and planning of green infrastructure from colleagues at the Parks Trust and from community stakeholders and  support the Trust’s Head of Environment in the process of adoption by the Parks Trust of new parks and green spaces.

    4. To work with Milton Keynes Council to support the process of transferring identified areas of Council green space to the Parks Trust. 


    1. To monitor the planning and delivery of parks, green spaces and other forms of green infrastructure (GI) in the growth and development areas of Milton Keynes.

    2. To maintain the schedule of planned GI projects, ensuring this is kept up to date with key information about each project and latest progress against each project work stage.

    3. As projects are being planned, designed and delivered, to liaise with developers, developers’ design teams; Council planning and other officers; and Parks Trust officers to ensure all relevant stakeholders have the necessary input to the process.

    4. Support, coordinate and where necessary lead in the process of consulting and informing community stakeholders on project design and progress.

    5. Monitor and check that progressive GI design iterations have taken into account comments from technical and community stakeholders, reporting any issues to the Trust’s Head of Environment to confirm the necessary action for follow-up.

    6.Update Council Infrastructure/Planning Obligations officer(s) of project progress and report on overall progress across the schedule to support the process of monitoring the delivery of planning obligations and the allocation of infrastructure funds.

    7. To support the Trust’s Head of Environment and Council officers in the process of transferring identifying areas of existing Milton Keynes Council green infrastructure to the Parks Trust.  

    8. As sites to be adopted by the Parks Trust reach completion or are identified, support the Trust’s Head of Environment in the organisation of pre-adoption inspections by technical staff and taking each site through the adoption process.

    9. To generally promote the vision and objectives of green infrastructure provision and the work of The Parks Trust as an exemplar stewardship body for parks and GI management and maintenance.

    10. To support the Trust’s Head of Environment and Council officers in responding and developing GI strategies and planning documents that will relate to GI provision and maintenance in Milton Keynes.

    11. Engage with neighbouring local planning authorities and the Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes Natural Environment Partnership to co-ordinate green infrastructure provision across administrative boundaries and ensure a sensible joined up approach is followed.



    • A sound understanding of the principles of green infrastructure, design, provision and management 
    • Project management skills.
    • Knowledge of the planning and development process in relation to open space and GI provision in areas of urban growth and development.
    • A good working knowledge of the process of designing and delivering GI projects including understanding of standard work stages relevant to projects of this kind (e.g. RIBA or Landscape Institute).
    • Ability to communicate confidently and proactively with a range of stakeholders and agents, including developers, town planners, landscape architects and designers, other GI technical staff and local community representatives.
    • Skills and abilities in use of spreadsheets and/or databases relevant to monitoring a schedule and programme of projects.
    • Ability to maintain an overview of and report on progress with a programme of project delivery.
    • The ability to converse at ease with members of the public and provide advice in accurate spoken English is essential for this post


    • Driving licence
    • A relevant qualification in landscape/environment or project management
    • Ability to interpret and scrutinise planning drawings; landscape/GI designs; and planning development frameworks and design briefs
    • Experience in preparing open space/landscape/green infrastruture strategies and assessments 

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