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A little known gem in The Parks Trust estate, the arboretum at Great Linford Manor Park is home to an exciting array of exotic trees from all over the world. When Milton Keynes Development Corporation were redeveloping the park, they took inspiration from the 18th century landscape and began sourcing unusual tree specimens to populate the Wilderness area of the site. It was fashionable in the 18th century to obtain exotic tree specimens and plant them in your formal garden where they could be admired as if pieces of art in a gallery, or animals in a zoo. When The Parks Trust was formed in 1992, staff continued the story of the arboretum, planting more exotic trees and extending into the Parkland area.

We now realise, thanks to our National Lottery Heritage Fund project, that an arborteum extending beyond the ha-ha ditch is not technically historically accurate as in the 18th century the exotic trees would have been contained in the formal gardens close to the house. Nevertheless, the Great Linford arboretum was inspired by the surviving 18th century landscape features and enables us to showcase unusual tree specimens to visitors just as they would have 300 years ago.

The Beech Collection

Running parallel with Marsh Drive is a varied collection of beech trees. Rob Riekie, Head of Operations at The Parks Trust, helped plant the collection in the 1990s. It was inspired by the remains of a large beech tree found in the Wilderness, that was probably part of the original 18th century planting. Watch as Rob explores the beech collection.

The Tulip Tree

A firm favourite of regular visitors to the park, the tulip tree flowers in early Spring. It's large yellow flowers and impressive height make it a very special addition to the arboretum. Watch as Rebecca Hiorns, Landscape Architect for the 'Reveal, Revive, Restore' project describes the tulip tree.

The Ancient Lime

The oldest tree in the park, the Ancient Lime tree is thought to be over 300 years old and some estimates put it at 500 years old. We think it could have been part of the original planting of the 18th century English Landscape Garden. Watch as Ellie Broad, Community Engagement and Activity Coordinator, describes the Ancient Lime tree.

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      Great Linford - Awarded £3.1m

      Did you know...thanks to National Lottery players we have been awarded £3.1m to 'Reveal, Revive and Restore' Great Linford Manor Park! Find out more about how we're funding the project.

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    • Great Linford - Join the Friends

      Did you can join the Friends of Great Linford Manor Park on a guided walk around the park to discover what it would have looked like in the 18th century. Ask questions and find out about the renovations.

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      Great Linford Manor Park is a special, heritage-rich park set within the old village of Great Linford. It contains features that were first laid out centuries ago, including ponds and a Wilderness Garden which represent the English Landscape style of garden design that became popular for country estates during the 18th Century.

      Refreshments and food can be found nearby at The Black Horse and the Nag’s Head which are open for lunch and supper. Milton Keynes Arts Centre has a small café where drinks can be purchased.