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The Parkland is the area outside of the ha-ha ditch. It was once the wider farmland belonging to the Manor and the ha-ha was added to keep livestock out of the formal gardens. A set of chainsaw-carved wooden sheep now stand in the parkland to interpret where the animals once grazed. These are one of the park's playable sculptures.

Now the Parkland is home to the park's arboretum: a collection of special and exotic trees. The exotic trees now have labels which makes them easy to identify. You can also discover what's there using our handy Arboretum map.

To improve access around the Parkland, we're mowing new grass footpaths across the area and recreating an old line of sight that reaches from the Wilderness, through the trees and beyond the park.

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Parrotia persica tree

Above: Persian Ironwood tree in autumn colour.

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    Great Linford Manor Park is a special, heritage-rich park set within the old village of Great Linford. It contains features that were first laid out centuries ago, including ponds and a Wilderness Garden which represent the English Landscape style of garden design that became popular for country estates during the 18th Century.