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Did you know that there's a disused quarry behind the stone circle at the park? It's made from limestone and was used as a source of stone for the Manor and other estate buildings. It's also a great habitat for insects and amphibians.

We're creating a surfaced footpath through the quarry to make it easier for all to explore.

We've created a video with local geologist Jill Eyers, who explains about the geology of the park.

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The quarry is located behind the stone circle.

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    Great Linford Manor Park is a special, heritage-rich park set within the old village of Great Linford. It contains features that were first laid out centuries ago, including ponds and a Wilderness Garden which represent the English Landscape style of garden design that became popular for country estates during the 18th Century.

  • The story of Great Linford Manor Park started 170 million years ago...
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