Water Gardens

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Exciting work is happening to the ponds in the park!

In February 2020 we removed some self-seeded trees from around the ponds as they were damaging the structure, blocking light and dropping leaf debris into the water. In the winter 2020 we drained the water from the ponds and dredged them to remove sediment and tree debris. The arising sediment has been spread around the ponds to dry out. The pond walls are being rebuilt and restored using the local limestone. This will reinforce the structure. A path will be created around the Round Pond.

We will also be rebuilding the bridge and small cascade between the Canal and Round Ponds using the local limestone, as water no longer flows between them as it should.

Finally we will be making a feature of the natural Hine Spring that gently feeds the entire Water Gardens system.

Once complete, water will flow from the Hine Spring into the Round Pond, over the small cascade into the Canal Pond and then under the Grand Union Canal into the Cascade Pond. From here it will flow out into the River Ouse beyond, thus restoring the park's original 18th century Water Gardens system.

For more information about how we're restoring the ponds, watch our videos with Marcus White our project hydrologist.

Overview of pond works

Hine Spring works

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