Heritage Fund project at Great Linford Manor Park

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    Great Linford Manor Park is a special and wonderful place to visit, with a history that can be traced back at least to Saxon times. Many of its features, for example the Water Gardens and nearby Wilderness Garden, date from the 17th and 18th Centuries, when the park was laid out to provide the setting to the impressive Manor House (a private property) that still provides the main focal point in the park today.

    However, many of the park’s historic features are now showing signs of age and awareness of the historic design has become eroded. We want to restore and reveal the park’s important heritage and to make it an even more attractive and interesting place to visit. Thanks to National Lottery players, we have been awarded funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund  to conserve and restore the park.

    Announced in July 2018, the grant funding will enable us to:

    • Restore the Water Gardens, including making the spring that feeds the ponds more visible and restore and making accessible the ‘lost pond’ that was separated from the park by the construction of the Grand Union Canal.
    • Provide paths and carry out replanting in the Wilderness Garden to recreate the character of its original 18th Century design.
    • Improve the park entrances and gateways, including vehicle entrances and parking provision.
    • Improve paths and provide more signage and interpretation.
    • Provide a children’s natural play trail around the park and a ‘toddler’ play area next to the Memorial Hall.
    • Deliver a wide-ranging programme of activities and events for the community to come and enjoy in the park and learn about its heritage.

    A copy of the Project Master Plan can be downloaded here.

    A copy of the Great Linford Manor Park Conservation Plan can be downloaded here.

    Further information about the project and the works and activities will be published as the project goes forward.

    If you would like to know more about the project please contact us at GLMP@theparkstrust.com. You can sign up to receive project updates via email here.