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Tattenhoe Park and Kingsmead South are new residential developments underway in the south west corner of Milton Keynes. They lie within the original designated new town area of Milton Keynes. Work on constructing the first phase of new homes commenced in about 2012 and will continue for about a 15-year period. In total these developments will see further 1,760 homes added to Milton Keynes.

Unusually for new developments, the parks and green spaces in Tattenhoe Park and Kingsmead South were transferred to The Parks Trust in advance of the housing construction. This includes a small block of wildlife-rich ancient woodland at Kingsmead .

The existing green spaces in Tattenhoe Park currently do not contain any children’s play areas but four play areas are to be delivered as the surrounding housing developments take place. These will be constructed by the house builders developing the adjoining residential land parcels. We will work with the house builders to ensure the play areas fit well into the green spaces and provide good play opportunities for local children.

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