Horse Paddocks

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The Parks Trust’s property portfolio includes 45 permanent paddocks and five temporary paddocks throughout the city.

Paddocks vary in size, accommodating one two or three horses. Located predominantly throughout the Ouzel Valley and Loughton Valley Park linear parks, Great Linford and Caldecotte Brook. Most paddocks are within easy riding distance of the bridleway network. Rents vary in accordance with the facilities provided.

Our paddocks are in high demand. If you wish to express an interest in becoming a tenant, please email or phone 01908 233600.

Good Grazing Practices of Parks Trust Paddocks

Paddocks are leased out under a grazing licence, whose terms include the following conditions:

  • Paddocks should only be grazed by horses or ponies equating to the number of spaces rented. This is to ensure that paddocks are not overgrazed and that the safety of both other riders and horses are not put in danger.
  • Where fields are grazed all year round then strip grazing is encouraged to control the horse’s access to grass at all times and to allow areas of grass to rest and grow.
  • Manure should be picked up regularly as this controls parasitic worms that can affect horses and ponies.
    Drains and ditches should be kept open and in good working order to ensure that water leaves the area. Damp areas will encourage the ground to become poached.
  • Grassland should remain in good order and free from harmful weeds such as nettles, thistles, dock and ragwort by hand or mechanical means only. The use of herbicides is not permitted without the specific authorisation of The Parks Trust.

Frequently Asked Questions