Our Management Team

    The Trust employs over 80 staff led by the Chief Executive, Victoria Miles MBE and the management team which comprises:

    • Rob Riekie – Landscape & Operations Director - responsible for the physical management of the green space including letting contracts and supervising our contractors and our Direct Works team.

    • Phil Bowsher – Head of Environment & Volunteering – responsible for running our volunteer programme, looking after biodiversity across our parkland and liaising with developers and Milton Keynes Council over the adoption of new parks.

    • Hannah Bodley – Head of Marketing, Events & Community Engagement - responsible for PR and Marketing, Events, community activities and Outdoor Learning for children and adults.

    • Jeremy Godfrey – Finance Director – responsible for financial management and our financial investments and Support Services such as HR, legal, health and safety and facilities management.

    • Tim Roxburgh – Head of Property – responsible for managing our commercial property portfolio and property investments and disposals.

    • Rob Wood – General Manager, Willen Lake – responsible for the Willen Lake Team who run and manage Willen Lake, one of Milton Keynes’ most popular parks.