Ashland Snake

Ashland Snake 2

Log Wave (also known as the Ashland Snake) by Chris Drury (2014)

Commissioned by Ashland and Simpson Parish Council, in conjunction with The Parks Trust and MK Council, the Ashland Snake is made of 550 randomly curved coppiced sweet chestnut logs. Pinned together with Timberlock screws the sculpture is 120 meters long and currently the longest piece of public art in Milton Keynes. The idea was to create something which both children and adults in the community could use and appreciate.

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  • Ashland Lakes


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    Formerly known as the Simpson balancing reservoir these lakes were formed in around 2006 to provide a more attractive and interesting area of parkland for the adjoining housing development at Ashland. The site comprises a chain of connected lakes and an ornamental pond with a fountain. Ashland Lakes still serve as a balancing reservoir to accommodate excessive rainfall so please note that the lakes can overflow from time to time.