Volunteers Needed for Ukraine Donations

The Parks Trust have loaned the use of one of our units to MKC to store and sort donations for the Ukraine. 

They have been overwhelmed by the generosity of MK residents and now have lots of donations that need sorting ready for shipment to those affected by the crisis in Ukraine. If you would like to volunteer your time to help sort and ship these donations then please contact Paul Trendall on 07793 080 425

For donations: 

They have plentiful supplies of clothes, food and baby/children's essentials. They are now appealing for medical and military supplies, which include plasters/bandages/gauze, sanitary towels (that double up as wound dressings), dehydration salts/drinks, antiseptic wipes etc. They also require military clothing, which include thick socks, cargo trousers, t-shirts, smocks, gloves - all have to be dark colours (black or navy preferably). They also need body armour and helmets, if anyone knows of any old military kit stored away that can be donated (please note that any British Army tags will need to cut off).

Any medical and/or military goods can be taken to 50 Tanners Drive, Kiln Farm MK14 5PM

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