Hunting for Habitats: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Hunting for Habitats Media.jpg

Hunting for Habitats is a very interactive 1-hour session based on the popular book We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen.

Walking the children through the story they will learn about different habitats while visiting each one, take part in a nature scavenger hunt to learn about pollinators, discover minibeasts living in the park, talk about native animals living in Milton Keynes, and make a leaf pile for hedgehogs all while strolling through the park of your choice!

How does this session link to the National Curriculum? (EYFS)

  • To listen to a group story
  • To begin to understand about different animals and their habitats – identifying similarities and differences
  • To participate in recreating part of the story through physical movement
  • To encourage confidence exploring environments and respect living creatures
  • Form relationships with one another and behave appropriately together. Listen to others.


Download the session plan here.

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