Protecting the Planet: Wild Tribe Heroes

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Protecting the Planet is a 1 hour session based around the Wild Tribe Heroes books by Ellie Jackson.

Choose between a reading from Marli’s Tangled Tale or Duffy’s Lucky Escape – both of these books tackle issues of litter and wildlife entanglement.

Free versions of these books are available here.


Students will participate in group activities based around protecting and respecting the natural world, including a litter picking game, spotting animal footprints, understanding animal homes and responsibly watching wildlife

How does this session link to the National Curriculum? (EYFS)

  • To listen to a group story
  • To begin to understand about different animals and their habitats
  • To participate in group activities and challenges
  • To encourage confidence exploring environments and respect living creatures
  • Form relationships with one another and behave appropriately together. Listen to others.

Download the session plan here.

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