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Tattenhoe Valley Park is a delightful place for a walk, cycle or horseride, with plenty of wildlife to enjoy in the necklace of ponds splashing over rocks and providing a fantastic habitat for insect, bird and waterlife.

At the western edge of Tattenhoe the brook runs through a small woodland, Water Spinney, which is also home to a large population of birds.

There are picnic tables along the route.

Tattenhoe Valley has a trim trail, with exercise stations that can be used by themselves or incorporated into a jogging session for all-round fitness.

See the events pages of this website for details of any upcoming events in the Tattenhoe Valley Park

Early morning and dusk are excellent times to enjoy the insect, bird and water life that is resident in the park.

Car parking
The nearest car park is on Rosemullion Avenue next to the allotments and just off the V2, Otherwise, you can use the car park at Furzton Lake where the park begins. Alternatively roadside parking can be found at many points along the brook's meandering route.

Charging points for electric cars can be found in the car park off Rosemullion Avenue.

There are no public toilets in the park.

Disabled access
Access is generally good on designated leisure routes although there are some gradients.

Make a day of it
From the north end of this park, at Furzton Lake, it is possible to continue on to link up with the Loughton Valley Park, which extends up the west side of Milton Keynes to New Bradwell and Wolverton, where you can continue your journey by heading into the Ouzel Valley Park

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