What’s Going On in Your Parks

  • Community Volunteering Tasks
    Get involved in volunteer tasks in Milton Keynes' parks
  • 30 Mile Challenge Cycle
    Have you tried out our 30 Mile Challenge Cycle? It's a great way to explore Milton Keynes' beautiful landscapes
  • Parks and Run
    Monthly organised run with routes suitable for all ages and abilities.
  • School & Pre-school Sessions
    Our team provide a wide range of fun activities, games and guided walks to inspire you and your class
  • Tree Tots
    Outdoor nature play sessions at Howe Park Wood.
  • Fitness Trails
    These trails provide free outdoor fitness that anyone can use anytime.
  • Women's Walking Network
    Come and join The Parks Trust volunteers at our monthly Women's Walking Network walks.
  • Watersports
    Milton Keynes has an abundance of stunning lakes, including some which are available for watersports. There are a variety of introductory sessions and courses available for you to learn a new skill on the water.