Willen Lake: Main Play Area

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Willen Lake boasts the biggest free to use play area in Milton Keynes. The design of this play area has been created with immersive play in mind, it has a nautical theme to fit in with the lakeside setting plus all the equipment is being constructed from the highest quality Robinia Wood which also reflects the natural parkland found at Willen Lake.

The new play area has been designed with different age ranges and needs in mind. There is a larger play area suitable for slightly older children which has a wide range of equipment, such as a large lighthouse tower with tunnel slide, a lookout crow’s nest, and a suspension bridge meaning there’s always plenty of fun to be had.

There is also an area suitable for younger children and those with additional needs that is situated close to the new watersports and café building. This area is enclosed on three sides making if safe for little ones to explore. It has also been designed to allow for pushchairs and wheelchairs to easily access the play equipment. The flooring in this area is made with a rubber crumb to make it smooth and soft and it also has a wheelchair accessible roundabout, a basket swing and extra wide slides so that there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

For more information about Willen Lake, visit www.willenlake.org.uk.

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