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Cricket, a global sport played between two teams of eleven players on an oval-sharped field, centring around a pitch with wickets at each end.  The aim is to score runs by hitting the ball and running between the wickets or by hitting boundaries while the opposing team tries to limit runs.  Cricket captivates players and supporters across the world and in Milton Keynes there is a thriving cricket following.

Maintained to a first-class standard, Campbell Park's cricket pitch hosts a packed programme of local, county, youth, business and exhibition matches. Cricket season takes place from late Spring until late Summer and the Cricket Fixtures are available for 2024. Most of the matches are free to watch, with seating available on the grass terraces next to the pitch.

Stony Stratford Cricket Club use Campbell Park as the venue for all 3rd XI and 4th XI Cricket following successful previous seasons at the ground.

Bucks Cricket use Campbell Park for the training of many of their youth teams.

Organise a Cricket Match

If your club, organisation or business is interested in bringing a match to the Campbell Park ground, please contact our Cricket Coordinator, Richard Bryce using 07773 782638.

Check out this year's Cricket Fixtures:

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