Women's Walking Network

Women's Walking Network - Media

Come and join The Parks Trust volunteers at our monthly Women's Walking Network walks. It's a great way to get to know your parks better and make some new friends!

They meet on the first Thursday every month. Each month starts in a different park, exploring routes around some of MK's best green spaces, including Howe Park Wood, Great Linford Manor Park and the valley parks.

Walks are normally 4-5 miles, approx. 2 hours in length and at a moderate pace. Tickets cost £1 per person. These walks are for adults only. 

Explore the upcoming walks at the bottom of this page or head to our events calendar to book your place.

  • Fitness Groups & Clubs make up 72% of events & activities held in our parks

  • Did you know we have 4 Trim Trails in our parks?

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  • Litter in the Parks

    The cost of removing litter from across Milton Keynes' green space is enormous, it already costs us over £400,000 a year.

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