10 Things to do this Autumn

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18 November 2021

Autumn is one of the most wonderful times of the year to explore Milton Keynes' parks! Whether you're a resident or just passing through, there are plenty of outdoor adventures to be had. 

1. Catch a leaf as it falls from the tree

Challenge family or friends and try to be the first to catch a leaf as it drifts down to the ground. You'll be surprised how much concentration it takes!

2. Play Pooh sticks

Step onto one of our bridges and race your family and friends in a game of Pooh sticks. Drop your sticks into the water at the same time and see whose comes out of the other side of the bridge first!

3. Create an autumn wreath

Search your local park for leaves, conkers and sticks and arrange them into a wreath for your front door, or just to hang at home. Curled sticks of dogwood or willow can make a good base if you already have some, otherwise you could use wire or a shop-bought mount.

4. Locate your favourite tree in town

There are loads of amazing trees in Milton Keynes. Perhaps you'll choose the biggest tree, or the most colourful tree, or maybe the smallest tree! Explore your local park and see what you can find. Use our handy guide to befriend a tree, complete with several fun and educational activities, which you can do as a family.

5. Go bug-hunting

Turn over a log or a stone in your garden or in the park and see what is hiding underneath. A great variety of creepy-crawlies live in Milton Keynes and you can find out more about them on our web page and in our handy video.

6. Sit and sketch

Bring along some paper and coloured pencils and see if you can capture some of the autumn colours you see in your local park. Look carefully as each tree has multiple colours in it. The closer you look, the more realistic your picture will be!

7. Go on a photography expedition

We love to see your photos when you tag us on social media. Why not take your phone or a camera to your local park and take some photos of the wildlife you find there? You might spot insects on trees and ducks on the pond, or you might photograph colourful berries on the autumn trees. Tag #TheParksTrust and your photo might even feature on our Instagram stories!

8. Create an autumn colour wheel

Our Friends at Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire Wildlife Trusts have a great tutorial on how to make an autumn colour wheel to celebrate the wonderful variety of shades out in the parks. You can find it here.

9. Go forest bathing

Have you ever tried forest bathing? Also known as 'Shinrin-yoku', this Japanese art involves connecting with nature and using your senses to take in everything around you. Follow our handy guide to get started.

10. Take on our Autumn Leaf Challenge!

Autumn is the perfect time to hunt for beautiful leaves! All you need for these activities are paints, crayons or markers, clothes pegs, and carboard. Head out into your local park and see what you can find. Download the worksheet to follow this activity.

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