Acorn Planting at Milton Keynes Schools

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24 November 2020

In September, we launched a campaign to encourage the people of Milton Keynes to support us in growing oak trees for our ancient woodlands. Participants collected acorns from Howe Park, Shenley or Linford Wood and planted them at home or at their school so that they can care for the saplings until we collect them for replanting in the woodlands in 2022. We would like to say thank you to everyone who has taken part, it's been fantastic to see so many individuals, schools and businesses from across Milton Keynes get involved.

Watling Academy, a brand new Secondary in Milton Keynes, was one of the schools that jumped on board with our acorn growing project. Part of the schools’ ethos is to encourage students to understand the development of MK, and respect and be kind to the environment, so they were really keen for students to get involved. The acorns that the students have planted will grow and develop into an oak tree over time, paralleling the growth and development of the school over the coming years.

A big thank you to Mr Williams at Watling Academy who worked with the students to help them plant 48 acorns. The Parks Trust were able to provide the school with pots for re-planting as the trees grow. Students will be nurturing the oaks for us for the next two years before returning them to The Parks Trust so they can be planted as part of the ancient woodlands preservation project. A further 30 acorns have also been planted by staff and parents associated with the school - so a massive thank you to everyone at Watling Academy.

Find out more about the campaign here

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