John Lewis Support Free Sessions and Planting Opportunities for MK Schools

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08 September 2021

John Lewis Partnership and The Parks Trust are teaming up to support opportunities for schools and community groups to get involved in free local environmental initiatives. We will be offering 6 schools £500 worth of sessions in their local parks and at their school; wildflower planting sessions at Newlands Remembrance Walk, and bulb planting sessions at The Tree Cathedral.

Anne Dodds and Elaine Wales, from John Lewis and Partners said: 
“We are thrilled to be able to help enhance the central parks and help improve biodiversity for pollinators”, while Mary Green from Waitrose and Partners commented “Enabling young people to connect with nature and their local parks will hopefully make a real difference. it’s great to be able to contribute to these fantastic projects.”

Sarah Griffiths, who manages the Outdoor Learning Team, said:
"The Parks Trust are really grateful to John Lewis for their support. The £5500 towards working with schools and developing wildflower habitats will have a really positive impact on Milton Keynes and its biodiversity.”

If you would like your school or community groups to get involved, please contact the Outdoor Learning Team Sessions will take place between September and October 2021. Spaces are limited and will be on a first come, first served basis. Please see below for details.

Sessions Available:

Bulb Planting at The Tree Cathedral

Planting snowdrops and bluebells to bring colour to the base of the Cathedral. The school sessions will be for 15 students and involve an introduction to plants. There are also 5 sessions available to community groups and volunteers. Sessions are 1 hour 45 mins in total.

Dates: Mon 18th, Tues 19th & Weds 20th October, 12.45-2.30

Seed Sowing at Remembrance Walk

Sowing wildflowers, including yellow rattle, and laying mulch for the new trees at Remembrance Walk at Newlands. The sessions will be for groups of up to 30 and involve an introduction to plants. Both schools and community groups can book sessions. Session are 1 hour 30 mins in total.

Dates: 27th September – 1st October, 9.15-10.45, 11.00-12.30, 13.00-14.30.

Environmental Heroes Sessions at your local park

This is for Primary or Secondary Schools only. Six schools will get 3-4 sessions (for 90-120 students) at their local park and school site (if appropriate). The classes will take part in activities that have a positive impact on the local environment such as how to build and maintain habitats for wildlife, and how to keep ecosystems healthy. There may also be an opportunity for some litter pickers or bug hunting equipment to be gained, depending on group sizes and activities.

Dates: Please contact the Outdoor Learning Team to arrange sessions between September and October on

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