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Walk Your Dog Month - Media
23 January 2023

Have you made the most of the outdoors this Winter? The health benefits of regular dog walking are huge for owners and their pets - improved cardiovascular fitness, lower blood pressure, stronger muscles and bones and decreased stress to name a few...

Dogs are treasured visitors to our parks and woodlands. We love to see them getting exercise with their owners, and enjoying the many sights, sounds and smells on offer!

Being responsible when you’re out and about with furry friends helps to keep local green spaces safe and enjoyable for other park users. What’s more, careful dog walkers play an important part in protecting the thousands of animals, trees and plants that call the parks home.

So, what does it take to be a responsible dog owner? Here’s some simple guidance from our Ranger experts:

  • On walks, keep your dog always close by and under proper control.
  • Where designated, keep your dog on a lead.
  • Clear up and dispose of your dog’s waste correctly.
  • Respect grazing livestock – they can be unpredictable.
  • Be aware that in Spring and Summer, some birds nest on the ground so don’t let your dog disturb or damage eggs.
  • Control your dog near ponds and lakes to avoid damage to these ecosystems and their inhabitants.
  • Not everyone is a dog lover so be sensitive to other park users.
  • Keep dogs out of play areas.
  • Provide fresh water for your dog to drink during and after a walk.

Keep up to date on our website and park noticeboards for any specific restrictions which may change throughout the year depending on the seasonal needs of wildlife.

Thank you for helping all of our visitors to a safe and happy time in Milton Keynes’ parks.

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