Outdoor Classroom Day

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02 November 2023

Today celebrates Outdoor Classroom Day, which is a global movement that helps create opportunities and encourages children to take their learning outside. So, why not take some time out of the day and educate your children, whether it's your own child or if you're a teacher running a class?

For schools, there are lots of opportunities to build outdoor learning into the curriculum from using features of your school building and playground to teach students about shape and space, to using items from nature to inspire descriptive and creative writing.

If you want to get your students to explore their local area, The Parks Trust grants free licenses to run your own learning activities in your local park. On top of that, we also offer a range of bookable sessions that can be executed in a local park. You could potentially make outdoor learning a regular part of your school timetable.

The Outdoor Learning community has created a bank of resources that you can access for free on their website and we have created our own bank of free teaching resources that relate to all the work we do at The Parks Trust.

As adults, we know that being outside makes us feel happier and healthier. Nowadays, children are spending less time outdoors so Outdoor Classroom Day provides a great opportunity to combine learning with looking after your well-being and reconnecting your students and children to the great outdoors.

  • "The children absolutely loved the trip, it would be hard to pick just one highlight."

    Emerson Valley School Teacher

  • We have received the Green Flag Award for our entire network of parks for the seventh year in a row!
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