Take Five to Age Well

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30 August 2023

Learn new habits for ageing well this September

From the 1st September, the Open University is launching a free, UK-wide public health campaign: Take Five to Age Well. Taking place during the UN’s Decade of Healthy Ageing, the campaign will invite people to join a community making small daily changes for better ageing across 5 categories: Eat, Drink, Move, Connect, Engage and Think. We're supporting the campaign by encouraging people to sign up online and commit to 30 days of healthy ageing habits that will boost their health and wellbeing now and into the future. Our high quality greenspaces are the perfect places to take action!

You can sign the pledge online and start committing to actions to complete during the month of September. 

The pledge aligns with NHS guidance to help people of aged 50+ to take up habits that will support healthy ageing.

What action can I take?
  1. Breakfast: have a good breakfast everyday
  2. Less, more often: eat small portions more often over the day
  3. Eat the Rainbow: eat at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day
  1. Water: drink 6-8 cups of water everyday
  2. Less caffeine: limit the number of cups of tea and coffee per day
  3. Squeeze the juice: cut down on fruit juices and fizzy drinks to special occasions
  4. Bust the booze: limit your alcohol intake to no more than 14 units a week
  1. Walk: walking for at least 15 minutes twice a day
  2. Power: do 3 short (6-10min) bursts of cardio exercise everyday
  3. Stand: det up and move for 5 or more minutes each waking hour through the day
Engage and Connect
  1. Connect: call or meet a friend or family member for a chat everyday
  2. Know your neighbours: get to know your community and try to speak to one everyday
  3. Share a hobby: take up a hobby and share with others
  1. Learn: learn or do something new and share it with other pledgers everyday
  2. Play: do puzzles and play games everyday
  3. Be mindful: pause and take notice of your surroundings for at least 1 minute, 3 times a day
How can I use the parks to help?

Our parks are there for you to enjoy for free, everyday of the year. You can visit on your own, attend an event or activity, or learn something new.

Sign the pledge

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