Acorn Collection

    February 2022 Update

    In autumn 2020, we saw a bumper crop of acorns being produced within our woodlands so we called on local citizens to collect and plant acorns to grow trees for Howe Park, Shenley and Linford Wood. Thank you to all those who have taken part in the challenge. These oak saplings are now helping to replace the ash that we will be losing at the ancient woodlands due to Ash Dieback. The project will make a difference to the these incredibly important ecosystems for years to come.

    So far, we have collected over 440 trees from individuals, community groups and schools, including Bradwell Village Primary and Watling Academy. These have been planted in Shenley Wood, Howe Park Wood and Linford Wood by members of the public and The Parks Trusts’ Direct Works Team (photos above).

    We will continue to update this page with images of the trees so you may see your oak again.

    If you have not been able to drop off your saplings, or they have been too short for us to plant, please hold on to them as we will ask for another collection at the end of 2022/early 2023. We will also be arranging more tree planting opportunities once these have been collected.

    To ensure that we have the correct information on how many to expect at the end of the year, and to make sure our contact list is up to date, we are asking all those that still have trees that they are caring for to re-enter their information via the form below.

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